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Shameless Mom


In this episode listen  in to hear Jill share:

How she went from feeling “mediocre” in life to feeling confident in hard, sticky, and uncomfortable forms of leadership

The power of changing your beliefs to challenge your narrative and change your outcomes

Why we shy away from sticky conversations and how can we rewrite the narrative about our ability to sit in tough moments and conversations

Her 5-step formula for dealing with tough conversations

Her 3-prong approach to the 5-steps that are “where the magic happens” in sticky conversations

How to use the 5-step framework to go after what you want – like asking for a raise!


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Strong Leaders Serve


In this episode, we discuss how to handle underperforming team members and navigate tough conversations. We'll also dive into the importance of preparing for unexpected reactions and discussing the "what ifs" when letting someone go.

Get ready to learn and develop these essential leadership skills you need to confidently address challenging scenarios while fostering a just and compassionate workplace.

book, Conquer Sticky Situations)


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Enneagram MBA

 Have you ever found yourself at a loss for how to handle a difficult conversation at work?

Jill Shroyer, the CEO & Lead Consultant of Expedition HR and the author of the best-selling book, Conquer Sticky Situations, is bringing her 20+ years of HR experience to this conversation, as well as all of her Type One strengths :)

In this episode, you’ll learn how to move through her 5-step formula for having difficult conversations with almost any topic - and what tweaks might need to be made based on the team member's personality style.


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POPS! The People Ops Podcast


Having a conversation with an employee about why you’re letting them go is never fun. Sometimes it can even be difficult or challenging.

In this episode, Jill Shroyer, Founder and CEO of Expedition HR and best-selling author of the book Conquer Sticky Situations, shares helpful phrasing for when you need to let someone go. This five-step formula will give you the basics to handle any tough conversation. She also shares some tips to accommodate for the nuanced “what if” scenarios. 

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The Growing your Team Podcast

When building a team, it can be vital to maintain good relationships with your employees. However, with that can come the need for tough conversations that aren’t always easy to have.

Jill Shroyer utilizes her HR techniques to give insight on how to handle sticky situations that will arise in your company. Jill’s 5-Step formula gives the much-needed and appropriate ways to handle these types of discussions with your employees.

(from my book Conquer Sticky Situations)


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Brave Women at Work

Brave Women

Jen Pestikas created a podcast called Brave Women at Work that encourages women to believe in themselves and take charge of their professional lives so that they can progress to the next level. In this episode we discuss how "sticky” conversations make you uncomfortable and the steps needed to resolve these workplace conflicts. (from my book Conquer Sticky Situations)


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Crush the Rush Podcast

Learn Jill Shroyer's 5-step formula for handling tough talks from the book, Conquer Sticky Situations. You will love Holly Haynes and her Crush the Rush method!


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Productivity on Purpose

Don't delay in checking out Mridu Parikh's (CEO, Life is Organized) amazing Podcast, Productivity on Purpose where she specializes in helping you squash overwhelm and get exactly what you want in your business and in your life by taking control of your focus, habits, and demands. In this episode, we talk about setting boundaries - at work and in life - and using the 5-step formula for handing tough situations (from the book, Conquer Sticky Situations) can help!


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Secrets of Supermom

Hard conversations. Sticky situations. Tough talks. These are all things that we have to conquer as parents and that we have to conquer in the workplace.

Jill Shroyer, Human Resources expert and author of the book Conquer Sticky Situations, joins Lori Oberbroeckling of Secrets of Supermom in this episode to share a framework to conquer these sticky situations both at work and at home.


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sales maven podcast

Sales Maven with Nikki Rausch

In today’s episode, Nikki and Jill talk about how to take control of sales conversations. They discuss examples of why the pre-framing strategy is a kind way to guide clients through sales conversations. Listen as they share ways to create safety and trust in sales conversations with the pre-framing strategy. Learn more about the Sales Maven Society and about Expedition HR's Subscription.


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Authority Figures

This podcast tells success stories from bestselling authors on how they reached the top. In this episode we discuss my book Conquer Sticky Situations.


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lifeblood podcast


We talked about how best to address workplace issues that cause anxiety and negativity, a five step process for handling them, and how practice makes perfect with Jill Shroyer, CEO at Expedition HR and author of Conquer Sticky Situations. Listen to learn how to move past difficult situations at work!


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