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Do you know you need HR Services but don't know where to start? Are you worried about human resources compliance, retaining employees, or a problem employee? If you answered yes to any of these, you are not alone.

 Many business owners quickly find themselves off and running with building their business and completely forget about  human resources processes  and human resources compliance. Many small businesses and non-profit organizations also do not realize they need human resources support or HR training until an urgent issue arises. Imagine having the comfort and confidence knowing you have someone to guide you with everything you need to know about human resources. Rest assured, you are in good hands. You have found the HR Subscription.


As one subscriber recently shared...

"Thanks for swooping in and saving the day, once again, Expedition HR." 

-Z. Levine, Moab, Utah

As a subscriber, you...

  • Have HR Director-level support in your business for¬†a fraction of the cost to hire¬†an experienced human resources employee
  • Have¬†on-call, expert HR support¬†whenever you need to handle difficult employee situations, like when you need to fire an employee, or to answer any other HR question that comes up
  • Have¬†access to¬†regular HR Masterclasses and HR Trainings specifically designed for small businesses, to help you build your HR skills - live and recorded
  • Know exactly what phrasing to use for tough conversations with your employees
  • Have extra time in your day because you¬†have immediate access to the right HR forms, checklists, and tools (no more DIY HR support through "Googling" your HR questions)
  • Better¬†outline expectations for in your employee performance management process - resulting in fewer¬†HR challenges, improved¬† employee performance and higher productivity overall
  • Know which employment laws apply to your business and what HR compliance means
  • Have peace of mind

The HR Subscription gives you tools, resources, & support to establish a solid human resources foundation

We equip you to handle your human resources tasks in-house and provide you expert ongoing HR services and support. We've got your back whenever those sticky situations at work arise! 

What is a sticky situation?

A sticky situation is a workplace situation or issue that causes headaches, anxiety, feelings of dread, fear, sleepless nights or maybe even legal repercussions. Sticky situations drain your time and energy away from your business.

Here are some examples of sticky workplace situations we can help you with (and help you prevent):

  • Problem employees and anxiety you feel over having those tough conversations
  • Dealing with difficult employee personalities and managing conflict
  • Navigating "bad attitudes" in the workplace
  • Discussing poor employee performance
  • A messy, time-consuming, and costly wrongful termination lawsuit
  • Harassment
  • A discrimination claim
  • Problematic romantic relationships in the workplace


Think of the HR Subscription as a personal HR coach and resource toolkit and the right HR consulting services that will help you lay the groundwork for future success. This monthly subscription will provide the HR know-how you need to avoid sticky situations and reclaim time so that you can continue to focus on and grow your business.

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10 Tips to Prevent Sticky HR Situations

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Our HR consulting services are built around our 8 foundational HR Pillars, as follows...

Pillar 1: HR Recruiting, Interviewing, & Onboarding

How to find the right employees and set them up for a great start.

Pillar 2: Employee Law Basics

Learn the basics of federal & state employment laws that apply to your business.

Pillar 3: Performance Management Solutions

Tools, tips & guidance, for managing employee performance.

Pillar 4: HR Employee Handbook

Create an employee handbook that is thorough and easy to understand.

Pillar 5: Recognition, Motivation & Engagement Solutions

Increase employee satisfaction by recognizing your top-performing employees.

Pillar 6: HR Tech & Metrics

Your software "ecosystem" and key metrics to track

Pillar 7: Benefits & Compensation

Create enticing compensation packages and learn to navigate the world of employee benefits

Pillar 8: Human Resources Training

Learn how to provide trainings that are relevant and helpful to your employees

Each HR Subscription Service 3-month term Includes:

*See video overview of HR Subscription below

  • HR Support when you need it (Through a bank of 1:1 HR support hours and Voxer voice and text messaging)

  • Support, training, and guidance under our eight (8) foundational HR pillars¬†

  • Customized guidance as you put the HR skills you learn with us into practice

  • 24/7 Access to an online bank of HR resources and HR trainings under our 8 foundational HR pillars¬† (forms, checklists, video tutorials, info sheets, templates & more!)¬†


The HR Subscription is for you if you...

  • Employ 15-50 W-2 employees
  • Understand the importance of HR compliance as part of overall business success
  • Need to provide HR training and HR support to an existing inexperienced HR Administrator or Office Manager, or want to build your HR skills as the business owner
  • Need an HR expert on-call to turn to and to be able to guide you whenever you need
  • Want to "cut to the chase" about what you really need to know about HR in your business
  • Don't know which employment laws apply to your business and wonder if you are compliant
  • Want to assess HR gaps in your business, to prevent future headaches and "sticky HR situations"
  • Find yourself dealing with ongoing employee performance issues and don't know how to stop the cycle
  • Have been told you need to "document HR issues" but don't really understand what that means or know how or where to start

The HR Subscription is NOT for you if you...

  • Do not value human resources or having HR compliance in your business
  • Do not think HR plays a vital role in your business' success
  • Want to outsource all your HR administrative tasks like payroll and/or or general HR administrative duties (we do not handle your in-house HR administration)
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Curious to have an insider peek into the HR Subscription? 

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What HR subscribers are saying about their experiences...

"It was amazing how quickly our new HR Coordinator was trained in the HR Jumpstart Program! They now have an amazing resource of materials to use on an ongoing basis in the Guiding HR Subscription. We have been so impressed with Expedition HR's responsiveness. They are distinguished by their wealth of knowledge, world awareness, and aptitude to engage people in positive and constructive skill-building."

-Peggy, President - Salt Lake City, UT

"I wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for your help with things. I really appreciate how you are always willing to hear us, and offer constructive advice even when the circumstances are difficult. I also really appreciate how much time you take with each of us, especially on sensitive matters."

-Leanne C, Moab, Utah

"Jill and Expedition HR were instrumental in helping us transition to being a mature company. As a finance executive at a rapidly growing company it's nearly impossible for me to dedicate the attention to human resources, processes and risk management that are clearly so critical. Jill helped us work through our needs/constraints and implement procedures and infrastructure to keep the company on a solid path. She is always very professional, direct and strikes the right balance between risk and practicality."

-Bryan M, Park City, Utah


How Much Does the  HR Subscription Cost?

$2,500-$4,500 per 3-month term*


*Price varies based on if entity is a single vs multi-state employer & level of support needed

Starting from when you make your first 3-month HR Subscription HR support services payment, you will be set up for recurring credit card payments unless you cancel.

Cancel services at any time. NO long-term contract or commitment! 

We recommend setting up a call so we can get to know you and make sure this is the best fit. It is a great time for you to also be able to ask us any questions on your mind.  

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Jumpstart Training 

Here at Expedition HR, besides consulting we also provide intensive HR Jumpstart training under our 8 foundational HR pillars. If this interests you, Book a Free Call to learn more.

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