Ever wonder which employment laws apply to your business?

May 04, 2021


Ever wonder which employment laws apply to your business?

Do you know if you are in compliance?

Fear not - you are in good hands! We exist over here at Expedition HR to prevent sticky situations. We do this by teaching you foundational HR pillars to help you avoid risk to your business.

Ready? Let’s dive in and share a couple quick nuggets...May's topic is the Basics of Employment Law. We totally get that employment law is not exactly the most exciting topic (we saw you yawn!) but trust us when we say it is important.

Certain laws apply as soon as you hire your first employee - one of those is the Equal Pay Act (EPA). Think “equal pay for equal work” for men and women. Job skills and qualifications factor in to the pay, but you must have solid reasoning if you pay a man higher than a woman in the same role.

If you already have 15+ employees (or are growing!), it is important to know which laws apply. A couple key laws which take effect at 15 employees are:

  • Title VII - Protects employees and job applicants from employment discrimination based on protected classes - such as race. religion, & age to name a few - to see a full list or protected classes, click here.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) – Employers must provide reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities. It’s tricky to always know which accommodations are "reasonable" and what qualifies as a disability. If you are unsure, check out this resource or seek legal or HR guidance to deem which accommodation makes sense.

p.s. Because I am passionate about helping small businesses prevent sticky situations, I want to share 7 quick and actionable ways you can prevent sticky situations in your business today, in areas more than just employment law... so before you go, grab the PDF here.

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