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Leadership Training

HR leadership training is of utmost importance in any organization. Expedition HR's signature Tough Conversations Leadership Training equips employees and managers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to resolve conflict and address issues confidently at work.

This management training also helps to create a positive work environment by promoting employee engagement, improving communication, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and development. Leadership training is crucial for the growth and success of a small business.  Investing in it has been proven to lead to lower turnover, more productivity, and increased job satisfaction.

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At Expedition HR, we specialize in Tough Conversations Leadership Trainings for small business. Our focus is on helping you learn to deal with the inevitable tough conversations, conflict at work, and "sticky" workplace situations that arise.

Never again be without help when sticky situations arise when tough conversations are needed. Book a free call to learn more.

As one client recently shared...

"This was the highest quality training that I have ever attended."

-PA HR Association, meeting attendee


Tough Conversations Leadership Skills Training:

  • 90 minute training, plus time for Q&A 
  • Training Agenda: 
    • Proven and simple 5-step formula for handling tough conversations (based on the book, Conquer Sticky Situations)
    • Phrasing for your Tough Conversations Toolkit
    • "What If" Scenarios for if the conversation doesn't go as planned
    • Real-life examples and small group practice
HR training
  • Inclusions:
    • Worksheet to accompany the training
    • Detailed summary one-sheet of the entire presentation sent following the training
  • Discounted Book Purchases: Availability to purchase bulk copies of Conquer Sticky Situations for a reduced cost at the event
  • Training Description: After being prompted with a quick personal story from Jill, attendees will be encouraged to look inward at their own beliefs and as it relates to their ability to have tough conversations. Next, Jill will dive into a few quick and valuable communication tips. She will then share her 5-step approach to handling tough conversations as well as a 3-prong approach to those steps, which is where, as she likes to say, the “magic happens.” From there, you’ll have an opportunity to try scripting some real-life tough conversation examples that may come up at work and in our personal lives. Jill will close the presentation talking about the “What Ifs” for when tough conversations don’t go as planned or when we are caught off guard. The presentation will be accompanied by a Worksheet as well as a Summary Handout following.
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tough conversations training

Tough Conversations is focused on building your HR expertise, confidence, and leadership skills when it comes to handling difficult employee conversations and  workplace conflict

Who should participate in the Leadership program?


Expedition HR is focused on providing HR services to small businesses and non-profits. This leadership training can be beneficial for your entire team, no matter how big or small!

If you feel your business could benefit from additional HR training programs, please visit our HR Jumpstart page. There, you will find more information on our 8-week foundational training covering our 8 HR pillars.

You can also hire Expedition HR, CEO & Founder, Jill Shroyer to Speak at your Next Event.

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How Much Does the Training Cost?



Price discounted for current HR Subscribers.

Pricing is for a stand-alone virtual training. In-person management training is available and will incur travel costs.

At any time, feel free to book a free call.

If you think you will need more HR support than this Tough Conversations Human Resources training provides, please check out our HR Subscription or our HR Jumpstart Program.

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What attendees are saying about our leadership courses...

"Thank you for your great insights, language, and resources.  They have all been so helpful to me.  Your guidance came just in the nick of time!"   -Jen

"Great information and very eye-opening on things I might be forgetting to do." 

"For me, it was hearing that in a tough conversation, we are not confronting folks but rather, starting a conversation. I think when I look at it with that lens it is less intimidating." – Joana

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