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Get equipped with the tools to improve communication, foster collaboration, and cultivate elevated leadership skills at all levels of your organization.

Trainings range from 90 minutes to half and full day, multi-day and multi-week sessions. Topic combination trainings also available. 

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Training Topics 

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Expedition HR Signature Training

Navigating Tough Conversations

(Half Day Training)

Learn our proven 5-step formula for having a tough conversation, without feeling like a jerk! You learn ways to be aware of your body language and know exactly what to do when the conversation doesn't go as planned. Get ready to change and elevate the way you have tough conversations to amplify your effectiveness!

Time Management & Setting Boundaries

(90-minute training)

This training will unlock a toolbox full of proven Time Management techniques you can apply immediately! You will gain confidence to know exactly what to work on each day, ensure meetings don't waste time, and say the right words to set boundaries to further protect your time.

Be a Marvelous Manager

(90-minute training)

Learn how to be a marvelous manager through learning the exact ways to build trusting relationships with your team. In this training, you'll learn uplevel your emotional intelligence, communication, and difficult conversation skills, as well as learn the exact words to use and avoid when interacting with your team.

Interview Skills for the Best Hire the First Time

(90-minute training)

This training will get participants crystal clear on the exact steps to take to get the right hire the first time through outlining best practices in every step of the recruiting and interview processes. 

Emotional Intelligence

(90-minute training)

This training covers the key components of emotional intelligence, including self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and interpersonal skills empowering participants to build stronger relationships, improve communication, and lead with greater emotional insight.

Speak Up and Influence

(Half Day, 1 and 2-day, and multi-week sessions available)

This training will strengthen your inner and outer voice so that you can speak up for yourself. Through a mix of training, role play, and small and full group conversation, participants will develop the mindset, skill set, and habits to boost their communication confidence. 

Creativity in the Workplace: Spark Innovation and Creative Problem Solving 

(Half Day Training)

Through a mix of improv-inspired, experiential activities, in this playful, fully interactive half-day experience, participants will unlock creativity, learn how to quickly generate new ideas, and develop team comradery. 

The Art of Persuasive Communication

(Half Day Training)

This training guides participants with cultivating the confidence, strategy, and communication skills to be dynamic persuasive communicators. 

Speaking Up: The Pathway to Employee Well-Being 

(Half Day Training)

Did you know that employee stress is one of the greatest financial and human capital costs that companies face? It’s also one of the most preventable. This training teaches the mindset, confidence, and communication skills so employees can advocate for their own well-being so they not only feel better at work, but so they can also perform better. 

Allyship in the Workplace

(Half Day Training)

While most organizations have policies and programs to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion, too many leaders and employees still struggle with knowing how to actually show up as allies for those with marginalized identities. Participants will explore the mindset and behaviors required to show up as an ally in the workplace. 

Find Your Voice as a Thought Leader

(Half Day Training)

Participants will develop the confidence, clarity, and charisma to speak up as thought leaders – on behalf of themselves and their companies. 

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Individual trainings can be combined to create a longer  session. 


What are Step into Your Moxie® trainings?

Step Into Your Moxie® (SIYM) trainings cultivate more kind, candid, and effective communication, build strong relationships and connections, and foster a culture of trust and innovation. SIYM work has been led in a variety of industries with great success in sectors from tech, to healthcare, to hospitality, and financial services with organizations including Google, Amazon Web Services, Kaiser Permanente®, and MGM Resorts.

Each SIYM training guides your team through a variety of transformative interactive experiences, equipping them with invaluable skills to better speak up, navigate uncomfortable situations with confidence, elevate their persuasive communication abilities, and cultivate workplace well-being.

Those who participate can expect to break down communication barriers and deepen and improve relationships with colleagues and clients, better advocate for themselves and their ideas, and create more cohesive workplaces. Step into Your Moxie® trainings are the secret ingredient that has the potential to propel individuals to make a lasting impact in their organizations, professional communities, and beyond.

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How Much Does Training Cost?

HR training for small businesses

Expedition HR Subscribers receive 20% off all Expedition HR and Step into Your Moxie®Trainings!

  • Expedition HR 90-minute trainings cost $1,500
  • Expedition HR Signature Navigating Tough Conversations Half Day Training costs $3,000 (can also combine 2, 90-minute trainings to make one half day session)
  • Step into Your Moxie® Trainings range from $3,000 (half-day sessios) to $12,000 ( 2-day and multi-week sessions)

Training costs listed above do not include travel expenses or 20% HR Subscriber discount. 

Please see training descriptions above on this page for more details.

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What people are saying...

“This Time Management Training was a comprehensive and practical training! Jill is very energetic and engaging on this very important topic.”

– Ariel A.

“Your presentation for the Women's Business Center was so great. I really appreciated your time and all the great insight you shared.” 

– J.H, Small Business Owner

“This was the highest quality presentation I have ever attended."

– PA HR Chapter Meeting Training

"The most beneficial thing for me was hearing that we are not confronting folks but rather starting a conversation. When I look at it with that lens it is less intimidating."

– Recent Navigating Tough Conversations Training Attendee

“Jill’s training on Time Management was so well organized and thought out. The concepts she provided were on point, and her specific examples and suggestions were so helpful! I appreciated the worksheets provided with questions to consider and answer, and a place to take notes and identify areas I can improve. Jill is engaging and energetic, and gifted at holding everyone’s attention. Everyone I talked to afterwards had several key takeaways that they were going to implement.”

- Liz, CR-T

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