Current Trends in HR Tech That Boost Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Jul 12, 2022

With new advancements in technology emerging daily, companies are utilizing it to streamline their HR systems by increasing efficiency and decreasing costs. This blog will identify current trends in HR tech and identify how they are used to boost Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) efforts.

How Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) Work

Human Resource Information Systems or HRIS integrate HR practices with information technology. It utilizes online software or solutions to handle an HR department's tracking needs, data entry, and information, along with other time and money-saving capabilities, including:


  • Managing employee information
  • Storing and organizing company documents
  • Accurately manage HRs payroll integration
  • Manage resumes and track applications
  • Provide self-service for employees


HRIS software can significantly increase a company's productivity, with new capabilities constantly added. These are the HR trends expected in the upcoming year.

Increased Use of AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is expected to drive the majority of innovation across almost all industries in the next one to five years. According to a study performed by IEEE Global, AI and machine learning will account for 21% of HR tech changes in the upcoming year. Utilizing these capabilities is expected to help employers reduce their employee workloads while increasing productivity.

Integration of the Blockchain

The blockchain provides companies with greater security opportunities by encrypting networks for secure information sharing. It also gives programmers development recommendations, improving HR system quality.

Creation of Digital Training, Learning, And Development

Using a digitalized platform, companies can share resources and files, automate the workflow, and provide employee professional development support. When employees have access to work-based learning, it encourages them to become proactive in achieving their professional and personal goals.

A New Hybrid Work Model

With the pandemic came the need for employees to work from home, creating a hybrid work model that has continued to 2022. In fact, around 90% of all HR leaders are in favor of having their employees split their time between the office and home. The hybrid work model is exciting as it empowers employees to focus on delivering superior business results while allowing for increased attention to their wellness.

Greater Diversity, Equality, And Inclusion Compliance

With the emergence of a hybrid work model comes the opportunity for businesses to access a greater range of more diverse talent. The last two years have seen a movement away from past diversity and inclusion models that are outdated to a new diversity, equality, and inclusion model. Now businesses can use digitalization to increase DE&I through employee training, improved connectivity, increased employee support, and bias removal. Accomplishing these goals helps improve employee well-being by creating a secure and safe working environment.

In conclusion...

Overall, expect huge shifts in HRIS as we move further into 2022. As companies learn to navigate the post-pandemic world, they will take the measures they've learned to pave the way for a more streamlined, productive, and inclusive work environment. Utilizing the latest HRIS software, HR professionals can gain the insight needed to adjust their business processes and anticipate industry changes.


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