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Don't have the budget to hire an HR employee? We can help!

Most small businesses and non-profit organizations don’t realize they need human resources support… until an urgent issue arises. Imagine having the comfort and confidence knowing you have someone to guide you with everything you need to know about HR...

Did you know?

54% of small business owners handle human resource issues themselves, but most don’t feel confident in how they handle their HR issues.

When you don’t have a solid HR foundation, you open yourself and your business up to poor employee performance, low retention, and potential lawsuits. Find out how our services can help.

Never again be without help when sticky situations arise. Find out how we can help.

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Welcome to Expedition HR !


Who are we and who do we serve?

Expedition HR offers human resources consulting solutions that are focused on businesses who employ around 1-50 employees who either do not have human resources or have an HR employee who lacks experience. These small businesses and non-profits come to Expedition HR for approachable, responsive and comprehensive HR guidance.

Our goal is to get you the support you need and learn what you don't know about Human Resources --- to have peace of mind and get more time back to work on your business! We equip you to handle your human resources tasks in-house (we are not outsourced HR), and we are there for you when sticky situations/problems arise!

Our HR consulting services provide you with the tools, resources, and necessary HR learning you need to establish a strong human resources  foundation. Then we provide you with ongoing, on-demand HR support to help you prevent sticky HR situations in your business.


Hear how our HR consulting is a real lifesaver for small businesses


What other subscribers say about our services and the support they receive...

 "The general advice on how to deal with employee issues and how to adequately address them was one of the biggest support resources I can mention."

"We not only handled our sticky situation, but we also gained tools, knowledge, and skills which will help us prevent other situations from happening in the future."

Expedition HR Can Provide Small Business HR Support in 3 Different Ways...

The HR Subscription

This option provides your business with ongoing 1:1 expert HR support and resources. Have a trusted HR partner to support you when an issue arises.

The Jumpstart Program

We help you build an HR Foundation. You will be equipped to handle your human resources tasks in-house with support and resources at your fingertips!

Tough Conversations Training

A 90 minute training where we introduce our 5-step formula for handling tough workplace conversations.

Read On to Find Out Which Type of Human Resources Services are Right For Your Small Business

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HR Subscription

You can think of our the HR Subscription as the HR coach and tool you need to establish a solid HR foundation. The subscription will equip you with the HR knowledge you need to prevent sticky situations and get time back to grow and develop your business.


HR Subscription Includes:

  • HR Resources and On-demand trainings under 8 Foundational HR pillars
  • 1:1 Expert On-Demand HR Consulting Support
  • Customized Implementation Support
  • Bank of resources at your fingertips (forms, checklists, video tutorials, templates & more!) 

The HR Subscription provides you with resources and 1:1 expert HR support so you can:

  • Have a trusted HR partner to support you when an HR issue arises (we are your on-call HR Director)
  • Not "go it alone" when it comes to HR in your business/organization
  • Not have to take on HR yourself in addition to your existing role(s)
  • Provide the right HR training and resources to your team so they, too, don't need to figure HR out on their own
  • Access any HR form or template you need 24/7 (no more Googling your HR questions!)

HR Jumpstart Program

We help you build an HR Foundation. You will be equipped to handle your human resources tasks in-house with support and resources at your fingertip


The Jumpstart Program Includes:

  • 8-weeks of HR Training covering 8 Foundational HR pillars (see below)
  • All the 1:1 Expert On-Demand HR Support you need during 8 weeks
  • Customized Implementation Support
  • Online Bank of HR Resources at your fingertips (forms, checklists, video tutorials, templates & more!)

Tough Conversations HR Training

A 90 minute HR training to get you started down the path to a strong human resources foundation.

Training Includes:

  • 5-step formula for handling tough conversations (based on the book Conquer Sticky Situations)
  • 3-prong approach to the 5-steps (also based on the book Conquer Sticky Situations)
  • Phrasing for your Tough Conversations Toolkit
  • Additional training points, customized to the needs of the organization

Why should small businesses work with us?


When you work with Expedition HR, you'll receive ongoing expert HR consulting and support for a fraction of the price of what it would cost to hire an entire HR team.

  1. Take back your time! No more wasting your valuable time trying to “figure out HR” and having to navigate sticky situations on your own.
  2. Reduce stress and anxiety! You will have peace of mind knowing that you are PREVENTING sticky situations before they happen.
  3. Save money! These are the words every business owner wants to hear. You can get a solid HR foundation with on-demand 1:1 support for a fraction of the price of hiring a full time HR expert on your team.


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3 Easy Steps to Get Started Today With Our HR Services 

Step 1: Schedule a Call

You are welcome to sign up now or you can set up a call so we can learn more about you and your business to determine if our HR consulting services are a good fit. 


Step 2: Decide

Take the time you need to ensure you make the best decision for you and your business.  You can always set up a call if any questions come to mind.


Step 3: Enroll

Visit the HR Subscription page to review the details and sign up here. Once we see your registration come through, we will reach out so we can show you around the subscription resources and how to set up support time. 


Meet Jill: CEO and Founder of Expedition HR


Jill Shroyer is the CEO & Founder of Expedition HR. She loves living in the mountains of Park City, Utah, is a mom of two, a fluent Spanish speaker, an avid skier, a rescue pet advocate, and a self-proclaimed “professional sticky situation solver.” 

Jill has over 20 years of human resources experience across three industries and is the best-selling author of the book, Conquer Sticky Situations, for which she delivers training and speaking engagements about our beliefs and how they may be holding us back from conquering the sticky situations in our lives.


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"After some rapid expansion, Advice Media was way behind the ball on HR processes and infrastructure. After evaluating a number of different options, we chose Expedition HR to guide us through this transition and implement some scalable, reliable processes. In addition to a number of other key activities like implementing a new HR/payroll platform and switching benefits providers, Jill was instrumental in recruiting, training and mentoring an internal HR resource for Advice Media. This individual has been with us for almost two years, and has become a key member of the organization. With Jill's guidance, she is a force multiplier for building our culture, growing various parts of the company, and making the executive team's lives better on a daily basis."

Bryan McGowan, COO, Advice Media


"Our non-profit organization came to Expedition HR not knowing where to turn with a really "sticky" staffing situation. We were back and forth on how to approach the issue but we kept coming to the realization that things needed to change. We also knew we needed to put better HR processes in place to prevent similar situations in the future. Jill listened to our concerns and clearly outlined what our options were and associated risks with each. We felt immediate relief after the first meeting. She outlined a clear path to ensure we took the right steps to prevent this type of issue from recurring. We love the methodical, yet approachable and realistic method that Expedition HR uses to get organizations on the right track.  Expedition HR is definitely our sticky situation go-to!"

-Laurie Hopkins, Executive Director of local non-profit organization


"I have nothing but positive feedback for the way Jill helped guide us through a challenging employee situation that had been causing us ongoing stress and frustration. Jill broke down what we needed to do into simple steps, created an easy and effective action plan to quickly resolve the issue, and coached us along the way to ensure we were properly prepared. We not only handled our sticky situation, but we also gained tools, knowledge, and skills which will help us prevent other situations from happening in the future. Thanks Expedition HR, for your guidance!

-Park City Small Business Owner



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