Build a COVID Handbook Addendum Policy in Minutes!

Sep 08, 2020

COVID continues to make things uncertain at work and in our personal lives. Want to know the #1 way to build trust with your employees? Share helpful information and communicate often! Building trust is the foundation of great relationships.

As COVID risk levels decrease in some cities and states, you may be opening up in-office work and maybe expanding operations. You will want to have a COVID handbook addendum handy for easy reference for questions as things continue to shift and change. If you already have an addendum, make sure you update it for any changes which have happened since you initially wrote it.

Here are 5 simple pieces to help you to build a COVID policy in minutes!

  1. SAFETY: List the things you are doing to ensure a safe workplace such as mask requirements and if you provide masks, actions you take when there is a positive COVID case, physical distancing requirements and/or physical barriers between workspaces, and added hand washing/sanitizing. It is important to be clear about how you are keeping your team safe and repercussions for not adhering!

  2. ATTENDANCE: There will be those people who abuse attendance policies - let’s focus on the fact that most people are coping with COVID the best they can and trying their best to get to work. Some questions you can answer in this policy are: Which instance(s) would allow an absence from work to be excused related to COVID? Do these adjusted policies differ for your non-exempt workers vs exempt workers?

  3. REMOTE VS IN-OFFICE WORK: You don’t need to go into detail about each role and if it qualifies for remote work, but DO note what your plan is for continued virtual vs in-office work. Perhaps you will continue to offer a rotating schedule of remote vs in-office work?

  4. BENEFITS: Don’t make employees go searching for their insurance benefits information, especially during a pandemic. Lean on your insurance broker to ensure you are capturing any COVID-related medical insurance benefits changes to your plans – such as the option for telehealth visits and which instances deductibles may be waived, for example.

  5. LEAVES: Make sure they know their rights when it comes to COVID-related leaves for which they may be entitled. Include emergency paid sick leave details as well as FFCRA provisions. (Refer to previous blog post for details.) Be clear about when you may require an employee to take a leave (paid or unpaid) and for how long.

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