Your Culture Gap

May 10, 2022
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Mind the Cap – Your Culture Gap, That Is!


Have you traveled in London and rode “The Tube” (the subway) and heard the announcement "Mind the Gap!" ??


This catchy phrase always makes me smile with good memories… and my nerdy HR brain immediately thought of employee handbooks as it relates to this “Mind the Gap” phrase...  


Culture Questions to Ponder


Where might there be a gap between what you say your culture is and the words you use in your handbook - and how you actually act around and talk to your employees? How do YOU Mind that Gap?


For example, do you promote a culture of constant feedback, yet do not speak to what that actually means in your handbook?


Do you talk about once per year performance reviews and not mention what employees can expect from their managers as far as feedback on a day-to-day basis?


You may think your company has a great culture but the reality is that what you think the culture is – and what it actually is – may not be congruent.


What Culture Is NOT


Culture isn’t something you design into a poster, frame, and post in your break rooms. Culture is defined by the words you use in the workplace and the way employees act around each other. It needs to jive with your handbook language that I am talking about in this blog post.


Did you know - you will build a culture in your organization, intentionally or not… it will form if you ignore it just as much as if you devote time to creating and working on building it. Take the time.  Be intentional about the things you write (such as your handbook and phrasing on performance reviews, for example) and the things you say when you onboard new employees or when delivering feedback.


Like trust, a great culture can take years to build and be destroyed quickly if there is not a unified effort to work on it not just when we feel like it - but every single day in how you act and talk.


A Challenge For You


My challenge for you today is to “Mind the Gap” in what you say your culture is and what is ACTUALLY is…


What “culture words” and “culture actions” do you want to promote and use/do more?  Write them down, and give them time to develop with intention.


Are you dedicating time to building a great culture – or are you just talking about it and hoping one will miraculously appear?


Start with an Employee Handbook


If you don’t have an employee handbook, start there. In our HR Jumpstart program, one of the pillar trainings is devoted to Handbooks. We walk you through what a handbook is, how it connects to your culture, and why yours is in desperate need of an update. We provide a template and easy to follow checklist of how to make yours stand out and actually be something employees refer to and enjoy reading. We’ve got you every step of the way with creating a handbook as well as with promoting the culture you desire in your organization.

Need Help Getting Started?


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