Managing Employee Holiday Stress

Dec 18, 2022
Holiday Stress Relief

The holidays can be a joy-filled, fun, celebratory time for many…and a stressful time for others.


As a result, holiday-related stress will inevitably find its way into the office, whether in-person or virtually... in all types of small businesses, non-profit organizations, and corporations.


Here are some ways that small businesses can ease some of the pressures this time of year brings for employees:

  1. Communicate regularly about any mental health and employee support offerings you have – such as an EAP (employee assistance program), for example, or other wellness app or platform you provide
  2. Ask the simple question of “How are you?” regularly - and wait for the response – oftentimes people aren’t looking for a solution, they just want to be heard and know someone cares enough to ask…
  3. Check in with employees on how they are managing any end of year work – and be ready offer resources to support, as needed 
  4. Consider 1-2 company closure days off for everyone, if possible, or maybe a few extra breaks or an afternoon off, to alleviate employees’ stress of having to ask for time away 
  5. Provide flexibility – not just with work schedules – but also making sure that any holiday gatherings are optional to let people feel empowered to make choices that are best for them.  (And be careful of gift exchanges which can add stress to those who may be short on cash!)
  6. Consider scheduling holiday events during the workday! Planning these outside of working hours can place additional stress and pressure on employees' potentially already overloaded personal schedules. 

Being intentional about creating a workplace where employees feel heard and supported - not just during the holidays but every day - and where mental health is prioritized can have a huge impact on people’s lives – and will show your true colors as an employer.

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