5 of the Most Common HR Services Expedition HR Provides

Jun 14, 2023
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At Expedition HR, we understand that managing human resources effectively is crucial for the success and growth of any business. That's why we offer a wide range of HR services designed to streamline your processes, support your employees, and drive organizational excellence.

 5 Human Resources Services We Provide


1. Employee Relations & Workplace Conflict Resolution:

This refers to dealing with everything from unsatisfactory work performance to managing workplace conflict to helping navigate those inevitable tough conversations that come up at work, at all levels in the organization. We teach a very simple, fair, and straightforward Progressive Disciplinary Process which clearly outlines what the issues are so the employee is crystal clear on why the issue needs to be addressed and exactly what they need to do to be successful. Documenting employee relations issues is key to ensuring that sub-par work performance or behavior is addressed in a timely manner. For more information on this topic get our Workplace Conflict Resolution Book, Conquer Sticky Situations .

2. Termination Support:

Many clients find us because they need to terminate an employee – and many haven’t a clue where to start. They have lost sleep over the issue and get anxious just thinking about it. We help them break down the associated risk and what steps they should take to prepare for the termination. This involves collecting documentation about the issues that have led to the termination to be able to see the big picture to confirm that termination is the next best step. If you need more guidance on this topic we have you covered if this does happen in our recent blog called How to Fire Someone in 6 Steps.

3. Employee Retention Support:

It is very expensive to replace an employee. The cost comes from many things related to the recruiting and hiring of the position… from paying for job postings, to lost work time to interview candidates, time to train the new employee, and lost productivity having been down an employee in the meantime of when the new employee is hire. It costs much less to put even the smallest efforts into employee retention! Our favorite 2 things to teach when it comes to employee retention are about Stay Interviews and small but consistent employee recognition efforts. Stay Interviews include a structured approach to asking questions like, “Why do you stay?” and “What could make you leave one day?” Small, consistent recognition efforts can also have compound results – such as each manager simply having a goal of recognizing each employee for one thing each week. One of my favorite ways to ensure weekly recognition happens that I read in the book “Drive” by Daniel Pink (a great book about employee motivation) is to put a few paperclips in one pants pocket. Each paperclip stands for one point of recognition being given. Your goal is to move all the paperclips to the other pocket before the end of the day. It's a great tactical reminder of recognition and makes us very aware when, at the end of the day, we haven’t given recognition the important attention it deserves!

4. Employment Law Support:

We provide resources and all the support our clients need on what they really need to know when it comes to employment law based on how many employees you have.

5. HR Training:

We support our clients in many different areas when it comes to HR training and training for human resources professionals. We offer an 8-week Jumpstart HR training program which gets your HR point person the knowledge and resources they need to fully operate as an HR Generalist. We also offer our most popular Signature “Tough Conversations & Phrasing” leadership training (great for entire work teams) as well as a “Be a Marvelous Manager” training. If you are struggling in one or more of these areas, or in another area of HR, we can help. Book a Free Consult now or visit us at Expeditionhr.com


How to Get Started With Expedition HR


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As a subscriber, you...

  • Receive on-demand HR Consulting and other HR Services for a fraction of the cost to hire a full time HR employee
  • Have the support and knowledge to deal with workplace conflict
  • Know exactly what phrasing to use for tough conversations with your employees
  • Have extra time in your day because you have immediate access to the right HR forms, checklists, and tools (no more Googling HR forms!)
  • Have an expert to guide you with how to fire someone when the need arises
  • Know how to better manage employee performance
  • Understand HR Compliance
  • Have peace of mind

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