A Solid Human Resources Foundation To Boost Business Success

Sep 07, 2022
Solid Human Resources Foundation Will Boost Businesses Success

When was the last time you thought about human resources as it relates to your overall business success? Fall is a great time to do that!

In this blog, we will share some tips, resources, and recommendations to get you thinking about all aspects of human resources as it relates to your unique business, so you can be assured of a successful wrap-up to 2022 and a thoughtful, strategic plan for 2023!

Employee Recruiting 

Where are you when it comes to meeting your business goals for 2022? Did you hire the right people earlier in the year to make that happen? Having a plan to get the right team in place to meet your goals is essential. This all starts with assessing your organizational structure and focusing on your goals and objectives before you even draft a job posting. 

Ask yourself: What does my current organizational chart look like compared with my “ideal” organizational chart for, say, three to five years down the road? Where are there gaps in my current team and the team needed to meet revenue and/or growth goals? Now is the time to start planning so you can bring those long-term goals into fruition. Growing Your Team is a terrific Podcast resource to help you on the hiring front if you are in a growth phase.

Employment Law Compliance

Do you have an up-to-date list of all states in which you have employees? You must comply with the laws in each state in which you employ W-2 workers. Additionally, employers with a total of 15 or more employees across all states must adhere to numerous employment laws such as Title VII and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), to name a couple. Employers with 50+ employees also must adhere to the Family Medical Leaves of Absence Act (FMLA). Clients often hire us to help them navigate the intersection between FMLA and ADA as well as form a plan when both are exhausted. Check out this blog to learn more about which laws apply to your size business.


When was the last time you assessed how your employees are performing? Do you have a system in place to measure performance? A Performance Review Rubric makes the process simple and streamlined and a reliable system that we use with our clients at Expedition HR. The Rubric makes it easy to identify the right measurements for performance, as well as a rating system that identifies your star performers, those who meet expectations, and those under-performers requiring crucial next steps. Need to have a hard conversation? Listen in to a recent guest podcast appearance to learn our 5 Step Formula for handling these dreaded talks.

Employee Handbook

When was the last time you made an objective review of your current handbook through the ‘employees’ eyes’? If you cringed when you read this, you probably need to make such a review a high priority. While handbooks are not required, they are highly recommended to ensure your employees know the benefits available to them and what is expected of them, especially when you have 15+ employees. Having a handbook will make your life easier because it minimizes the need for you to field redundant questions day in and day out about when they will get paid, how much time off they have, and what benefits plans are available to them. Members of our HR Subscription have access to a “plug and play” Handbook Template, on-demand policy templates, as well as checklists and guides informing when to add more essential information to your handbook.

HR Tech

What does your tech “ecosystem” look like? Is it functioning in such a way that makes your life easier?  When I say tech ecosystem, I am referring to software such as your HR Information System (HRIS), which is also referred to as an “HR Database” or “System of Record,” encompassing payroll software, performance management system and an applicant tracking system. For the majority of the clients we work with who have 50+ employees, the components of a tech ecosystem and how they work together is paramount to your business operating smoothly. Many businesses delay this vital step far too long and get overwhelmed with inefficiencies to a point when the fix is costly, stressful and time-consuming. How to start? List your current tech and the need each satisfies. Do they interact? If so, is it clunky or efficient? Where are the gaps between your software and your needs?

Health Benefits

Did the plans you offered this year work well for you? Are you going to be staying with the current plans/providers or make changes in the new year? Switching benefits carriers can be chaotic, but it doesn’t have to be! The key is to get out ahead of your benefits renewal date so you can: a) collect information about your options for potentially switching or adjusting your current plans (working with a reputable broker) by no later than the end of September; and b) plan ahead using a timeline through the new year to ensure you have enough time to make a benefits plan change a smooth one for your employees (including getting them their new ID cards and educating them on the new plan, so the switch is a smooth and easy process).

 One way to have the support and resources to know what these steps are is to become an Expedition HR Subscriber or participate in the next HR Jumpstart Training Program. You can also have us speak at your next company event or schedule one of our Leadership Trainings. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

 *The topics mentioned in this article are based around our foundational HR pillars here at Expedition HR.

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